If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!

Invest a little time in planning your kapsule before creating it and reap the benefits!

Good planning is good stewardship and can help you build a solid foundation. Planning the structure of your kapsule before you create and share it can have profound benefits. Among other things, it can prevent wasted efforts and conserve precious resources like time and money.


While chalking out a definite plan for the structure and content of your kapsule, try to address some of the below mentioned points:Identify a clear purpose: You need to have a clear context of your kapsule. Why are you developing this kapsule and what is it that you expect this kapsule to do. Make sure you write down the purpose, so you can go back and forth as and when needed.

Analyze your audience: It is important to understand the target audience of your kapsule right at the onset. Try answering questions like who is the kapsule being developed for and how will they benefit from this.

Write down a good description: Write down a good description for your kapsule. This will not only help you, but also the target audience when they consume your kapsule.

Decide the flow and synopsis of your kapsule: Once the purpose and context is clear, try to visualize the flow and synopsis of your kapsule. This can go a long way in deciding the sequence of your clips.

Get relevant content: Getting relevant content for the key points of your kapsule can enhance the overall quality of your kapsule.

Once you are done with the initial planning, it is time to get your act together with the correct use of delivery mechanisms, tools and features that are available to you. Try addressing some of the following points:

  • Tune your peripherals (speaker, high quality screen recorder and microphone) for kPoint.
  • Preview the quality of slides, audio, video of your content before using it.
  • Identify the complexity of each of the key points from your structure. Think about its accurate representation in a clip. There are various media available to you ranging from a simple document, screen-share, audio, voice over among others that you can use to put your point across effectively.
  • Highlight the important messages on your content by using annotation tools like kWrite.
  • Sequence the individually created clips as per your flow. You can reorder them later if required.
  • You can use some soft, non-interrupting music in the background to make long kapsules like a tutorial more interesting.
  • Decide where you would want to insert tags and bookmarks to highlight key sections of your kapsule and enhance its search ability.
  • Publish and share your kapsule.

Planning for such activities at the very beginning will bring in the results and much more! A strong foundation is a key to a powerful kapsule which will convey its message clearly and effectively.

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