If Content is King, Distribution is Queen

If Content is King, Distribution is Queen
gameVideo contentThose who have played chess need be told the importance of queen. In video world, distribution helps your content win the battle. You have got a great video. Awesome! This is a great start. You definitely need good content but it will not fetch you the right traffic if you cannot distribute it effectively.
If you are on kPoint, here is the arsenal for making your public video popular.

1. Insides of your video are made available to Google. This is what we call discoverability. In absence of this your entire video is nothing but a black box. What rest of the world and more importantly search engines know, are only the titles, descriptions and tags. When people find your video, they are on your branded domain with zero competitive distractions.

2. You can embed the kapsules on your webpages. These embeds make your webpages attractive. People spend more time on your website.

3. Share the kapsules on social media. 2 clicks and your kapsules are on social media. Let’s admit, communicating a story in 140 characters is tough.

4. Go with traditional outbound communication. Just email the link to the kapsule.
Here are some forecasts from CISCO on video sharing.

• By 2014, the sum of all forms of video (TV, VoD, Internet video, and peer-to-peer) will continue to exceed 91 percent of global consumer traffic.

• By 2014, it would take more than two years to watch the amount of video that will cross global IP networks every second; to watch all the video crossing the network that year would take 72 million years.

If you believe you have got a king, make sure you have the right queen.

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