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Leverage the power of User Generated Content for your business growth.

User generated content (UGC) has caught up as more and more consumers want to share their thoughts and opinions. More and more consumers are turning to each other for service and product information before making a purchasing decision. From a marketer’s perspective, this is something of a silver bullet and they must make moves to take advantage of this new dialogue with their customers.


It’s free, and it carries much more clout than raving about your products and services. Great user-generated content carries social proof, and can extend your exposure in content creators’ networks. You want lots of it, to share on your company website, blogs, and social media channels. This will help you take control over your online reputation and solicit reviews from your best customers.As per a survey conducted by Taradata eCircle, a Leading digital marketing supplier across Europe, it has become more important than ever to implement an effective User Generated Content (UGC) strategy that can enable an honest relationship with consumers by offering them the transparency they ask for.
By implementing UGC you will benefit from increased conversion rates, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty, but also from improved site traffic, higher average order value and a decreased rate of returned items.

So what is a good UGC strategy? Here are a quick few steps you can implement:

Interact with your customers:Offer opportunities to give feedback on products and service. Ask your customers to give you their opinion. Let them know that you want to hear from them. Then share these conversations and opinions where other consumers can buy your products online or in stores.
Mix bag: The most frequent examples of UGC are ratings, reviews, testimonials and discussion boards or forums, but also image or video uploading and blogs are becoming more and more important. Set comment functions, offer star rating systems for your products and create forums to enable discussions about what people like about your brand.

Handle Negative Reviews Appropriately:

There is no guarantee that negative reviews will never happen. It is not a solution to erase negative comments but you can learn from these for product and service improvements.

Motivate Conversations:

Next to the use of search engines such as Google. Consumers consider information shared on social networks before making their purchase decision, so be sure to integrate your social media channels within your marketing strategy.

The main advantage of a good UGC is the ability to generate a new source of content creation from your most precious asset – your customers. This also creates benefits for your customers, they can consult and trust the opinions of others who have the same interests and purchase intentions

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