What Analytics Can Reveal about Your Viewers

Analytics is changing the business landscape today. More and more organizations are realizing the importance of analytics and are leveraging this data to accelerate their business. Current video delivery platforms can provide limited analytics but with kPoint, you can extract a lot more information that can help fine-tune your video content to make it more effective and targeted. Here are two examples of how kPoint customers benefit from kapsule analytics.

Analytics used by marketers:

A manufacturing company uses kPoint to communicate with potential customers and partners. They have kapsules that describe the product and demonstrate its usage. Using analytics, they intelligently track distributors who viewed their kapsules end-to-end. They are thus able to narrow down on their most important partners, and can work towards a long-term engagement with them.

Analytics used by trainers:

An experienced professor delivers live on-line lectures and simultaneously captures the content in kapsules. He then edits and publishes the kapsule to all the students. A week later, he looks at the kPoint analytics. From the viewership pattern, the professor gets a good understanding of the quality of his content and about the students’ understanding of the subject.

How does kPoint analytics work?

  • Viewership: Who watched the kapsule? How long did they watch it? How did they answer the polls?
  • Content: Which part of the content is drawing attention? Which are the most viewed portions of your kapsule?
  • Users: How are users are discovering your kapsule? For example, through a direct link to the kapsule, embedded kapsules, social media, and so on. What search keywords helped people discover your kapsule? On what platforms did they view the kapsule?

In summary, kPoint analytics can help you create a better viewing experience and boost your business.

Kapsule Discovery


The kapsule Discovery view helps gain valuable insights about your viewer’s authentication, platform, sources, and browsers.

Kapsule Heatmap

The kapsule Heatmap helps you analyze which content was viewed most. A higher value for a time section means that section was watched more number of times.

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