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Over the last 20 years, we have seen customer support evolve from a high touch, expensive, people-based model to a self-help, cheaper, and impersonal model. While this is not really a good move for those who have complicated issues which need resolution,it works well in most mundane situations, keeping costs low for everyone. What is really happening here is that the responsibility of finding the right answers is passed back to the paying users!

There is a similar movement in the learning space. There has been much talk and some implementation of a concept called “The Flipped Classroom”. Though made popular due to efforts such as Khan Academy or Udacity, the notion has been around for some time (see http://educationnext.org/the-flipped-classroom/). Simply put, the idea here is that students learn the basics on their own from some awesome online content and then apply it in the classroom where a teacher can assess the students’ understanding of the material. The online content provides some measure of what each student may have learnt and the classroom activity provides further insight into it. This is expected to enable the teachers to provide more individual attention to students and be more effective. While this idea has been discussed in the context of schools, there is no reason why it should not work for enterprise training.

There are some similarities between classrooms and training centers’ the format is lecture format, it can be long and boring, it is hard to review and absence is penalized. There are also some differences training can be , and often is , less structured , it is more interactive, time is of THE essence, and review after the training is more important than just assessment. What is really needed is a set of modern tools which allows trainers to create material that holds attention, is highly interactive and can be personalized.

Perhaps it is time for enterprises to consider flipping their training center to achieve the best results efficiently. kPoint strives to meet this challenge.

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