kPoint helps capture user generated content, known as “kapsules”, in easy to share, rich multimedia videos. These kapsules are instantly discoverable on the internet, searchable within and socially shareable across devices.

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kPoint kapsules can be created in 4 modes that support 4 types of training videos.

kPoint Express for lecture capture
Real time capture of a natural conversation with easy editing options

kPoint Studio for authored and collaborative creation
Step by step kapsule creation with powerful post facto editing options

kPoint Live for live meetings and webinars
Virtual classrooms that are automatically recorded as multimedia kapsules

Import and enhancement of third party legacy video
Geared to make existing video content richer with SmartTags and annotations


Rapid kapsule Creation   
Easy, instantaneous kapsule creation by combining:
Video & Voice
Presentations & Documents
Existing Multimedia
Screen sharing

Video to kapsule  
You have a legacy recording or video? kPoint gives you a single click video to kapsule conversion. kPoint puts the SmartTags by automatically identifying textual elements in videos. You can further add bookmarks, visual bookmarks, transcripts or use kPoint services to add slides. Your old video will be ready to be shared in a new avatar.

Simple Editing
Select, delete, review and publish a kapsule
Re-edit anytime you want – raw media is always available

kPoint Studio

Clip by clip creation   
Studio allows step by step kapsule creation. You can create a small clip and instantly review it. You can import videos and break it in to multiple clips.

Flexible creation environment
Mix media of choice in any order
Post facto embellishment with:

Collaborative creation
Different people can contribute to a single kapsule by creating clips in the kapsule at their convenience. These clips can be re-arranged, edited, hidden or deleted before a final kapsule is generated.

kPoint SmartTag
kPoint automatically indexes the textual content in your documents, slides, screen capture, QnA, bookmarks, transcripts and even imported videos. These SmartTags make the kapsule searchable and discoverable.

kPoint Live

Live Meetings & Webinars   
Scheduling and participant sign-up
Highly interactive webinars with presenter option to add polls and voting
Audio and video support
Participants can ask textual questions and chat

Capture Meetings and Webinars as kapsules
Automatic kapsule creation from live meeting session
Capture all attendee interactions within the kapsule
Review and edit before publishing
Never miss a session because you could not be there physically

Simple Editing
Select, delete, review and publish a kapsule
Re-edit anytime you want – raw media always available


Secured sharing   
The kapsule creator can choose with whom and how to share kapsules – public share, users within an organization, select users, select groups or channels.

Fast experience around the globe
kPoint serves you the kapsule from the closest node using Amazon’s Content Delivery Network.

kapsules can be embedded with ease in blogs, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and webpages. kPoint integrates easily with existing in-house tools such as learning management systems and learning record systems.

Users can select a section of interest in the kapsule and share this snippet link via an email or put it on social media.

kPoint Channels   
kPoint channels provide a structured way to organize and distribute related kapsules to a target audience. Users can find all the related kapsules on a channel page and also search for kapsules within a channel.

Bandwidth optimized distribution
With kPoint’s patent pending technology and unique multimedia mashup, kPoint streams the information in an intelligent way that saves bandwidth, unlike typical videos.

Anytime, anywhere, any device kapsule play
With support for both Flash and HTML5, it does not matter which platform, browser, device and form factor you are on. kPoint renders the best suited kapsule viewing experience for you. There are special apps for Android and iPad.


Unparalleled viewing experience 

Discover the content faster
Search on kPoint or kPoint integrated systems and find not only the right video, but also the right point of interest inside the video. Start playing your video from the point of match.

View Controls   
View the kapsule in various layouts. The default layout splits the screen in two panes – one section shows the presenter’s video while the other section shows the user’s content. User content can have annotations such as bookmarks, QnA, Transcripts. Viewers can select from a full screen mode or PIP( picture-in-picture).

kapsules support community interactions with the creator via
Time-stamped bookmarks
Questions and answers
Creators can respond to offline questions and collaborate with the community


Understand how your videos are consumed. You can get the following information from kPoint analytics.

Viewership: Who watched the kapsule? How long did they watch it for? How did they answer the polls?

Content: Which part of the content is drawing the most attention? Which are the most viewed portions of your kapsule?

Users: How are the users discovering your kapsule? For example, through a direct link to the kapsule, embedded kapsules, social media, and so on. What search keywords helped them discover your kapsule? On what platforms did they view the kapsule?



kPoint integrates effortlessly with a variety of applications such as LMSs, collaboration platforms, support platforms, and IT tools to create an unparalleled user experience. kPoint also integrates with your corporate directory to provide a single sign-on. At the core, kPoint offers three unique features:
Integrates seamlessly into other applications and works to create videos.
Offers a search feature within the host application to fetch video content in the results and start playing from the precise point of interest.
Plays in embedded form and provides analytics on viewership of videos that indicates user engagement

Know more

Set up & Access

kPoint is a cloud based solution
No special hardware or on-premise deployment
Access from anywhere over the Internet

kPoint is accessed via a browser
No desktop installs
No plugins to create or view kapsules
One time install of browser plugins for screen capture

Day to day peripheral equipment can be used
Laptop’s built in microphone and camera
Webcam attached to the PC or Mac
Support available to use HD cameras and hi-fidelity microphones