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Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Limited (RBEI) towards promoting a learning organization has, as a next step, adopted kPoint as one of the medium to promote knowledge sharing across its multi location work environment. We at HR, are confident that kPoint’s easy and rapid way of capturing expert knowledge and information, easy creation of video-based content will make knowledge sharing visual, engaging and vibrant across RBEI. We look forward to a successful cooperation with kPoint.

With enterprise video learning solutions such as those offered by kPoint, we have been able to bring about a dramatic expansion of educational opportunities in the workplace. It creates an interactive environment that enhances communication, collaboration and learning across geographies.

kPoint has become a useful marketing tool to extensively market our own products, without increasing our marketing budget. By using kPoint’s video presentation and lecture capture, we have built an intelligent knowledge repository of Marketing Presentations, which has greatly enhanced our spread and speed to market.

Our enterprise customers have a global presence and our applications cut across business units and people functions. User training is critical for product adoption and overall user experience – customized, contextual and visual content that speaks the user’s language. It is very valuable in improving user training. Today, enterprise users expect the ‘ease of use’ from business products similar to what they experience from the consumer applications in their social and personal lives. Having access to an on-demand visual training ensures that users can learn and follow at their own pace. Additionally, kPoint also allows us to share training videos with our customers in a secure and integrated way.

Tata Quality Management Services (TQMS) owns subjects like Business Excellence, Innovation, Business Ethics and Sustainability for the Tata Group. TQMS has to regularly communicate with almost all operating Tata companies. We are using kPoint for webinars, trainings, conducting meetings and capturing events. It is an effective and easy to use tool for such purposes.

Zinnov’s Confluence 2014 is the largest conference hosted for the MNC R&D Community in India. The conference is a hotbed for enlightening discussions on innovation, talent and the R&D eco-system overall. kPoint provided a unique solution that allowed us to capture these discussions on video allowing us to reuse and share the content generated at the event with a broader audience. We appreciate the end to end offering provided by the kPoint team.

Synechron prides itself in its consultants spending 100% of the allocated time resolving critical issues for global customers. We wanted to ensure that this high productivity is maintained and yet they do not lose out on learning opportunities and their engagement with the rest of Synechron remains high. kPoint has effectively addressed both these challenges for us. Our experts create rich multi-media content that feels “live” with close-to-zero effort. kPoint provides facilities for targeted promotion to employees and gives us insights into its effectiveness. In addition, kPoint provided us with deep content search that yields huge time saving for our content users and creators.

Our fast moving product teams must have the right information flowing from the customer to the developer, across the group and back. kPoint is being used to successfully address this need. Timely capture of specifications as well as deliverables in searchable kPoint kapsules works great as a means of documentation and knowledge transfer.

We have used kPoint for a pilot project to capture in-house trainings for our Front line managers. The platform allowed us to create a readily accessible repository for reference. The discoverability of the video based kPoint kapsules is useful to make precise searches for information when required. The business value: kPoint-based presentations and publishing provides a huge competitive advantage by providing the ability to rapidly create and deliver training just-in-time. Highly recommend it!

Demag, in India, is responsible for training of in-house product specialists as well as dealer personnel throughout the country. Since our products are complex, going through a topic once was never enough. kPoint has given us an easy way to capture and share our product training sessions for repeated viewing from anywhere. Not only is the auto-generated content engaging, but it is searchable too, increasing productivity while learning. kPoint helped us reduce the product training cost and at the same time improved its quality and accessibility many fold.

kPoint has been a great vehicle to bring the best in music teachers to a world wide audience of lovers of Indian music. The kPoint team added some custom features and provided great support to help us take the thousand year tradition of Indian classical music all over the globe.

SEED has been exploring new ways to bring its expertise to students who might not be able to physically reach out. Where possible, mobile learning via the kPoint online web classrooms enables our students to access the expert tutors at SEED in a very affordable and accessible way. Moreover, the kPoint kapsules produced from a regular classroom session help us increase our enrollment in regions where the internet access is poor.

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