05 Mar 2012

kPoint cloud now leverages corporate directory server based user authentication

The corporate directory server is the centralized controlling entity for all other application servers for user authentication and other user identity management functions. This enables the system administrator to efficiently manage on-boarding and off-boarding of employees from a single place. In a typical setup of an organization: The corporate directory server runs inside the intranet … Continue

20 Feb 2012

User generated content at kPoint

In last two decades, we have seen exponential rise of knowledge. You can read variety of statistics: knowledge doubles every 5 years and so on. The knowledge growth essentially implies that there are growing numbers of people who either produce or consume knowledge.These people are called “knowledge-workers”. The term became so common that Oxford dictionary … Continue

07 Feb 2012

Searching within Videos

Video has become ubiquitous in today’s environment. With almost 50 hours of videos being uploaded every minute on sites like YouTube, we see videos everywhere (http://www.youtube.com/t/press_statistics). Videos are one of the top consumables on the Internet with social networking sites swarming with short videos. Within the enterprise too videos are making quick inroads. More and … Continue

30 Jan 2012

kPoint 5.1 is released!

We are excited to bring out another release of kPoint. This release boasts of improved performance, enhanced user experience and seamless enterprise integration. We have added support for SCORM 1.2 so you can use kPoint with your favorite LMS. kPoint is now supported on MS, Apple, and Linux OS’s. kPoint now runs on a 64bit … Continue