08 Jun 2013

Dynamic and Smooth

I am sure you got this wrong. I am neither talking about kPoint engineers nor the scotch I tried on Friday. I am talking about kPoint’s new version 6.3, which offers innovative features. Still interested in reading further? I promise you will like what you read. Dynamic window layout One of the unique features of … Continue

27 May 2013

Why enterprise LD needs kPoint

ASTD (American Society for Training and Development) quotes a 2013 L&D Technology report by the Impact Instruction Group to emphasize the paradigm shift to innovative ways of delivering learning. 56% of the respondents to their survey plan to invest in video-learning in the coming months. Enterprises are already adopting video-learning as a formal part of … Continue

19 May 2013

It’s a package deal!

Its summer time and the temperatures are a desiccating 40 degrees centigrade. While I recommend its consumption all year around this is the season to eat as much ice cream as possible.

28 Jan 2013

Analytics is the new ‘black’.

There was a news report in a prominent financial daily the other day on the growing demand for ‘data scientists’ across industries. ‘Data scientist’ was not even a term a few years ago, let alone a job profile in much demand! The explosion of available information and the volumes of data collected from various sources … Continue

03 Jan 2013

I still haven’t found what I’m looking for.

U2, Joshua Tree I bet you all have heard it and were a little perturbed when you did. Some months back, I was over for breakfast at a friends’ home. My friend told her pre-teen daughter in their sunny kitchen that Sunday morning that she should just “Google” the question that was bothering her so … Continue

19 Dec 2012

What you really want to know when a video is watched

Recently I got interested in understanding what is going on with video content on the Internet. Any statistics you look at will tell you that video content is on the rise. Here are some numbers from 2012 http://www.magnetvideo.com/content/101+online+video+statistics+for+2012/26169 that should encourage anyone thinking of using videos. Some numbers that caught my eye are – 52% … Continue

26 Nov 2012

Using multiple streams to get rid of camera/mic shyness.

The whole idea behind kPoint is to give the viewer of a kapsule an experience pretty much the same as that of being there live! This is the reason why kPoint puts so much power into the hands of the kapsule creator – in addition to her own audio and video, she can use a … Continue