30 Jul 2013

User-led creation of content

The knowledge within a company that needs to be preserved has always been the corporate Holy Grail. The best way is the people who have it, capture it themselves.

13 Jul 2013

kPoint wins LearnTech Global e-learning Award for “Learning Technologies Solution”

Mumbai, July 01, 2013, kPoint Technologies wins the award for “Learning Technologies Solution” in recently conducted awards at World Education Congress, Taj Lands End. This award recognizes excellence in support of e-learning programs, projects, tools, strategies, teams or individuals through technology solutions. The selection process focused on the best and most innovative use of an existing or new technology to enhance learning.

08 Jun 2013

Dynamic and Smooth

I am sure you got this wrong. I am neither talking about kPoint engineers nor the scotch I tried on Friday. I am talking about kPoint’s new version 6.3, which offers innovative features. Still interested in reading further? I promise you will like what you read. Dynamic window layout One of the unique features of … Continue