What is more powerful words images videos or a mashup?

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We know that the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” is true especially when teaching complicated ideas. Could videos that are a sequence of pictures be more powerful? Even better, could a mashup of text, drawings and video be the best way to show and tell?

I experienced this the other day when a good friend who is an Origami expert had come over. He amazed us with some stunning creations, beautiful birds and animals and one simple steam boat. We all thought it would be a great idea to write up an instructional manual for our neighborhood kids who could use it for small projects at school. Using text alone the article seemed very confusing and it was almost impossible for the children to use it and make even the simplest paper boat. Drawings would help. However we went one step further and video graphed my friend folding the paper boat. But the video alone was hard to follow as he was fast and the details were not visible.
So we mashed up the video along with a few drawings of the paper being folded and created a kapsule on kPoint. Here is what we came up with.

In the past making multimedia learning content was hard to do. Lots of editing and efforts was required. Now, using tools like kPoint it is possible to create very clear and easy to understand material that everyone can learn from. This also applies to using new products, fixing broken ones, or maintaining them! A new era of words, images and video is making learning fun and accessible to all.

Dynamic and Smooth

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I am sure you got this wrong. I am neither talking about kPoint engineers nor the scotch I tried on Friday. I am talking about kPoint’s new version 6.3, which offers innovative features. Still interested in reading further? I promise you will like what you read.

Dynamic window layout
One of the unique features of kPoint is the two window layout. If you have got a presenter and slides, you can see them next to each other. This helps you re-live the presentations, but what if the kapsule doesn’t have two media all the time? Well, no -worries. kPoint can now switch between one window and two window layouts easily. This is how it helps.
Let’s face it. We are not actors. The moment we are in front of a camera, we are often not natural. With a dynamic layout in kPoint, you can be in front of the camera for some time and then switch it off. Then may be bring it up again at the end to conclude. You can pretty much read a script in between.
See this kapsule.
Are you using kPoint as a hosting platform? If not, I am sure you will at some point of time. kPoint supports video to kapsule. With our new single window layout, your video will maintain its glory. Watch this kapsule.

Smooth media transitions
What is the difference between a luxury car and a normal car? The “thunk” when you close the door. Did you observe how smooth the windows transitioned in kPoint? At the end of the day, when you are working so hard on your content, kPoint – gives justice to your hard work. Check out the media transitions in your kapsule.
Hey, we have done a lot of things in this release.

Keep an eye for the next blog around our mobile story.

Why enterprise LD needs kPoint

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ASTD (American Society for Training and Development) quotes a 2013 L&D Technology report by the Impact Instruction Group to emphasize the paradigm shift to innovative ways of delivering learning. 56% of the respondents to their survey plan to invest in video-learning in the coming months.
Enterprises are already adopting video-learning as a formal part of their L&D strategy.
Delivering video-learning effectively requires

• Rapid multimedia content creation
• Personalized and interactive content for effective learning
• Indexing and cataloging to formalize content as L&D assets
• Efficient enterprise-wide distribution with access control
• Tracking and analytics for assessment
• Integration with existing L&D systems and processes

Most enterprise L&D departments have many existing solutions, none of which unfortunately meet the above requirements for video-learning. Typically, these solutions have the following drawbacks:

Video Streaming Solutions: Live video streaming solutions are usually ineffective in delivering learning content alongside video, and cannot be easily integrated into the enterprise L&D processes and systems.

Video Conferencing Solutions: These solutions are restricted to live interactions. Even if they provide session recordings, they are in a proprietary format which is usually monolithic video with no navigation aids or content search. They are ineffective for learning delivery.
E-learning Solutions: Traditional e-learning courses are impersonal and do not engage the learner. Multimedia e-learning courses are expensive and time-consuming to create.

Knowledge Management Solutions and LMS: These can only be used as a knowledge repository, with no support for content creation or interactivity.

kPoint addresses these challenges by offering an innovative platform for video-learning in enterprises. L& D departments across our customers are successfully using kPoint for

Instant creation and sharing of multimedia content: Simulating a live training environment for SMEs, trainers and content creators, kPoint makes it easy to create multimedia mashups from everyday interactions. It automatically captures voice, slides, desktop share, multimedia and whiteboards as synchronized, hi-fidelity kapsules. There are zero editing or post-processing efforts before you can share the content across your organization.

Automatic indexing, search and visualmarks within video content: kPoint automatically indexes the content used in the kapsule, making it easy to search, find and consume. Your learning videos are no longer monolithic; the content within is fully searchable and easy to navigate with kapsule visualmarks.

Interactivity: kPoint kapsules have a number of cool features that make them highly interactive and engaging. Bookmarks, queries to experts, comments, tags, snippets to share highlights of the kapsule – all of these enhance the trainee’s experience and improves retention in courses. It also provides for a more collaborative experience, which has been proven to be essential for effective learning.

Personalized learning delivery: Since kPoint kapsules can be recorded by your own SMEs and trainers, the content delivery is backed by solid reputation and expertise within your enterprise. The personalized delivery of content using presenter video in kapsules, makes it even more effective.