10 Sep 2015

kPoint Voiceover – Make your slides speak

  PowerPoint is an innovative and easy-to-use program that can help you create impressive presentations. But despite its inherent strengths, a successful presentation is also greatly driven by the skills of the presenter. So imagine what it would be like if you could convert your presentations to video with a nice voice taking the viewer … Continue

02 Jul 2015

Offline video is an offsite video. Keep it on a leash.

Hats off to Google for launching YouTube Offline – the new feature that allows users to download a YouTube video and watch it when not connected to the Internet. This feature is available in select countries, India being one of them. We just love the YouTube ad announcing this feature with its goofy exaggeration of … Continue

23 Jun 2015

A 30% increase in sales conversion using kPoint. Watch how Logix did it.

It was about 6 months ago that the kPoint team realized that we had accumulated a heap of commendations. The commendations being the innumerable customer compliments that we would receive in the form of feedback, thank you emails, Facebook and Twitter shout outs and phone calls. And then it hit us one fine day. The … Continue

12 May 2015

Sometimes 100,000 is greater than 2,000,000

In the four years since we introduced kPoint to the market, we’ve been totally focused on enterprise video, making it easy to create video, making it easy to find and view video, making video analytics actionable, and making enterprise video secure. The combination of these video realms is to make video a preferred medium of … Continue

11 May 2015

How to videofy the enterprise

Listen to Shridhar Shukla, Co-founder, kPoint Technologies, explain enterprise videofication as presented at InTech50, a leading showcase of the most promising software products created by entrepreneurs from India. Find out how kPoint has helped a 200+k people multinational maximize their ROI from the video platform.

26 Nov 2014

Five steps to reduce your training costs

[wptigerfree-web-form type=’post’] Training costs comprise of many costs such as travel costs, content creation costs, and trainer’s time. The best measure is the cost of learning hour used. This measure highly depends on creation costs and reuse ratio of the content. Here are 5 simple steps to reduce your training cost.

03 Nov 2014

kPoint Named a NASSCOM EMERGE 50 company in 2014

Award recognizes innovative software product companies that exhibit consistent growth  Today, companies need the ability to source video content from any part of the organization and use it for corporate learning and development. The selection of kPoint as a top 50 emerging companies is an acknowledgement by the jury of our customers who share our vision, … Continue

14 Oct 2014

Centre for Promotion of Music takes classical music to masses with kPoint

October 14, 2014, Pune – With a vision to spread awareness of Indian classical music, the Centre for Promotion of Music (CPM), has launched a web based program using kPoint. CPM has implemented this course with engaging videos from experts in the field and is designed for people new to music. It explains, in short, … Continue

01 Oct 2014

kPoint and Tin-Can API: Unlocking Doors For Next Generation Learning

You are in middle of an important assignment and need some help. What do you typically do? Ask colleagues, google it, watch expert videos, search on internal portals, or read blogs. You gather the information and move on. Doesn’t the real learning happen this way, in a more social and collaborative way? Shouldn’t the L&D … Continue

05 Sep 2014

Why videos make a deeper connection… let’s unravel the mystery

Research shows that we remember visual images much easier and better than words. When we read, our minds convert printed scribbles into visual images that we encode with emotion and remember. Visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text. Graphics quickly affect our emotions, and our emotions greatly affect our decision-making. The psychologist Jerome Bruner … Continue