23 Mar 2017

Video indexing and search technology takes a leap with kPoint

Today, video accounts for more than 60 percent of traffic on the Internet. But despite the high number of videos on the World Wide Web, we are often faced with situations where we cannot find the right video, and more importantly, get to the right point within them. So, at a time when everything on … Continue

08 Mar 2017

Unlock your repository of organizational knowledge – The Tata way!

  Organizational innovation is not a flash in the pan, but a systematic evolution aided by the continuous dissemination and sharing of knowledge. Research suggests that innovation within the modern enterprise is brought about through formal or informal knowledge sharing. While the need to learn, share and collaborate is inherent to human nature, in an … Continue

16 Jan 2017

The new kPoint – Expanding your video experience!

kPoint understands the significance of video for communications and collaboration within your organization. Which is why, we are constantly working towards providing you an outstanding cross device user experience, unmatched user engagement capabilities, and powerful content governance tools.

07 Dec 2016

The refreshing new kPoint User Interface

A product marketing video that demonstrates the features and functionalities of kPoint’s new User Interface. Watch the entire video to know more about the kPoint’s new look and feel. The new kPoint makes your user experience more responsive and engaging.

07 Dec 2016

Ease of video creation on kPoint

Watch how videos can be created effortlessly using kPoint Studio. Learn how you can make your own videos with kPoint’s video creation options, including slides and screen capture with a voiceover. Democratize and simplify the usually cumbersome process of video creation.

07 Dec 2016

kPoint mobile viewing experience

Video demonstrating features of kPoint’s mobile app. Know more about kPoint’s offline mobile viewing feature. Enhance the viewing experience for videos on mobile devices.

07 Dec 2016

kPoint Overview

A product marketing video, easily shareable across geographies and across devices. Watch the entire video to know more about the kPoint video platform. Make video content scalable with kPoint.

07 Dec 2016

New skills showcased

A video with rich media content created on kPoint to showcase newly acquired skills to peers and customers. Watch the full video to see various media used to create it. When in two pane PIP mode, change the primary screen by clicking on expand button in PIP window. Give power to all employees to promote … Continue

07 Dec 2016

A video travelogue

A video created by a kPoint employee to share his travel experiences. Experience the video travelogue along with auto-transcripts in full screen mode. Build a vibrant social sharing culture within the organization by creating and sharing similar videos on kPoint.

07 Dec 2016

Vibrant corporate greetings video

A colorful and vibrant Diwali greeting video created using a phone camera. Watch and enjoy the lively video. Ease of sharing builds a culture of general bonhomie with stakeholders.