When it comes to effective and efficient customer support, kPoint is used by our customers in unique ways.

Customer Self-service

From a survey by Synthetix, 7 out of 10 people want to help themselves. To serve their needs and to reduce your costs through such self-service content, you need to give them videos that they can find easily. kPoint not only makes it easy to create videos, but it also has the unique benefit of making them discoverable to the exact location.

Customer education

ASTD report in 2012 shows that face to face training has dropped from 76% in 2001 to 59% in 2010. Self-paced training has already moved up to 25%. Keep your customers well-trained through kPoint’s precise bite-sized how-to videos and product updates. In kPoint, the exact parts of the videos viewed can be tracked easily. This analytics along with feature usage tracked by kPoint gives you excellent insights into the customer’s product awareness.

Problem resolution content

Your support team has found a resolution to an issue. kPoint enables you to create pin-point visual content to provide the resolution along with a voice over that your customers can view at their convenience. Moreover, your problem resolution becomes part of a searchable knowledge-base instantly. Next time another user runs into a similar issue, kPoint’s discoverable videos are found easily.

Reporting a problem

When your customer has a problem to report, nothing can be more important for you than the exact sequence to reproduce the problem. kPoint’s ability to integrate with your CRM system to enable your users to directly capture the problem reproduction with a voice over eliminates frustration on both sides. No more difficult conversations over phone across time-zones.