24 Dec 2015

IBM SmartCamp 2015 – A video recap

2015 ended with a bang for us with our superb run at This video blog is a small recap of moments from the event that made us proud. Go through the blog to also experience our cool text integrated with video feature and see how it makes the text interact with video seamlessly. Look out … Continue

08 Dec 2015

kPoint wins Gold at the Brandon Hall Awards

kPoint, the technology solution that facilitates easy creation and consumption of learning content, has won Gold in the Best Advance in Unique Learning Technology category at the prestigious Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Technology Awards 2015. The kPoint platform is a comprehensive technology solution for the creation of learning videos, their secure distribution and social … Continue

29 Oct 2015

Video Integrated With Text Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon rafting Have your friends and neighbors told you that you need to set aside a week, maybe more, for a Grand Canyon whitewater rafting trip? Your One Day Grand Canyon Rafting As you descend into the canyon on the Diamond Creek Road, the only road to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, for … Continue

21 Oct 2015

Consume kPoint videos on the go with the new kPoint mobile app

Mobile device use has today grown to a point where they have become an indispensable part of our lives. Expectedly, similar adaptations are also taking place in the modern enterprise. Mobile devices are altering the way employees access applications, modify documents, interact and collaborate with colleagues, and progressively, watch business videos. As a result, enterprises … Continue

12 Oct 2015

Enterprise Video – A Future Business Driver

Enterprise communication the world over is seeing a tipping point, with organizations changing the way they interact internally and externally. The ‘Digital Evolution’ is creating disruptive opportunities for enterprises to enhance interactions among customers, suppliers, stakeholders, and employees. And video has become the enabler which is bringing about this change. With the enterprise video space … Continue

10 Sep 2015

kPoint Voiceover – Make your slides speak

  PowerPoint is an innovative and easy-to-use program that can help you create impressive presentations. But despite its inherent strengths, a successful presentation is also greatly driven by the skills of the presenter. So imagine what it would be like if you could convert your presentations to video with a nice voice taking the viewer … Continue

02 Jul 2015

Offline video is an offsite video. Keep it on a leash.

Hats off to Google for launching YouTube Offline – the new feature that allows users to download a YouTube video and watch it when not connected to the Internet. This feature is available in select countries, India being one of them. We just love the YouTube ad announcing this feature with its goofy exaggeration of … Continue

23 Jun 2015

A 30% increase in sales conversion using kPoint. Watch how Logix did it.

It was about 6 months ago that the kPoint team realized that we had accumulated a heap of commendations. The commendations being the innumerable customer compliments that we would receive in the form of feedback, thank you emails, Facebook and Twitter shout outs and phone calls. And then it hit us one fine day. The … Continue

12 May 2015

Sometimes 100,000 is greater than 2,000,000

In the four years since we introduced kPoint to the market, we’ve been totally focused on enterprise video, making it easy to create video, making it easy to find and view video, making video analytics actionable, and making enterprise video secure. The combination of these video realms is to make video a preferred medium of … Continue

11 May 2015

How to videofy the enterprise

Listen to Shridhar Shukla, Co-founder, kPoint Technologies, explain enterprise videofication as presented at InTech50, a leading showcase of the most promising software products created by entrepreneurs from India. Find out how kPoint has helped a 200+k people multinational maximize their ROI from the video platform. Enjoy this blog? Please spread the word 🙂