31 Oct 2012

“Can you please share your screen?”

I recently attended a lecture by Prof. Lu of USC at NASSCOM Engineering Summit* where he talked about how engineers are oversupplying technology to 1% of population. Engineers keep on adding features at the risk of losing the simplicity of a product. The differentiation is added in a dimension where it hardly matters. Over the … Continue

22 Oct 2012

Promote your idea with kPoint!

How often have you had a great idea that you wanted to share with the rest of the world, but did not have the right medium to easily do so? In a world where everyone is clamoring for their 15-seconds of fame on numerous video sharing platforms, wouldn’t it be wonderful to stand apart from … Continue

15 Oct 2012

kPoint gives training institutes a new way to reach more students

Pune-based kPoint technologies has unique product which addresses some of the real life problems faced by trainers and students today. Forward looking training institutes like Ednexa, Auto Design Online and Asian Institute of Quality Management (AIQM) are using kPoint to conduct classes . Ednexa conducts training classes for 10th, 12th and MHCET students. Auto Design uses kPoint to train engineers internationally on Computer Aided Design and Engineering (CAD/CAE). AIQM uses kPoint for six sigma certification and other quality management training programs for corporations in India and the Middle East.

09 Oct 2012

Will they come if I publish it?

“Let us give them something to talk about” crooned Bonnie Raitt. But what exactly in a corporate setting?It is a lot easier to write or publish articles on topics that one is familiar with. Then hope that people are interested. This does not always work. Of course, we have assumed that getting your article or … Continue