27 Aug 2012

“Prepare more but still save time”.

Bad economic times are just not going away.  Executives, who were used to spending 200 days a year on road till 2008, are spending 300 days with family.  Good for them.  It looks like more marriages would survive the corporate travel grind now!  But business has to continue so more and more executives have moved … Continue

20 Aug 2012

Does face-to-face training work?

The title questions an age-old practice firmly established everywhere.  In fact, we are all used to being asked ‘does on-line training work?’ more often.  Our real intention here is answer this: ‘How can face-to-face training be enhanced?’  This blog has articles about flipping training and viability of classroom-based training.  As we interact more with end-users who need technology for … Continue

08 Aug 2012

kPoint Coverage on Regional newspaper

High demand for skilled professionals and heavy expenditure on logistics for training calls for use of technology was the general perception of experts at EDGE-2012, a panel discussion organised by city-based kPoint Technologies, a company engaged in providing cost-effective and easy-to-use technology for training industry.

08 Aug 2012

Consistency in live training.

Big Business Process Outsourcing organizations (BPOs) have dedicated accounts departments.  They hire fresh graduates in large numbers to handle billing or sales; each of whom needs training in handling confidential company data and processes.  A number of trainers are also hired for this purpose.  However, there is no consistency in the training messages each batch … Continue

01 Aug 2012

Improving online learner’s motivation.

Motivation is one of the most important elements of learning.  In classrooms, poorly motivated students can benefit and build their interest and motivation through teacher intervention. On the other hand, keeping students motivated is critical for successful online education, where they take more control over the learning process. Let us divide the learning process into … Continue