31 May 2012

kPoint has a new logo!

A few months ago we started thinking about changing our logo. The first question that came to our mind was “why is a logo important?” followed by “why change now?” In the long history of corporate logo designs, many companies have undergone several logo changes. Many logos that we would recognize in our sleep such … Continue

21 May 2012

Flipping Training

Over the last 20 years, we have seen customer support evolve from a high touch, expensive, people-based model to a self-help, cheaper, and impersonal model. While this is not really a good move for those who have complicated issues which need resolution,it works well in most mundane situations, keeping costs low for everyone. What is … Continue

03 May 2012

kPoint 6.0 is released!

We are excited to bring out another release of kPoint “kPoint 6.0″. This release, like always, reflects the needs of our customers and the corporate world where Just in Time training is important and internal expertise needs to be preserved and provided to those who need it, fast, easily and precisely. This release features tighter … Continue