27 Mar 2012

Khan academy and kPoint

If you happen to tutor your school going kids, nephews, nieces or siblings; chances are high that you are already familiar with khan academy. Sal Khan has been creating these amazing video tutorials for various subjects under the sun from math, Biology, physics to history and English where concepts are explained so easily that everything … Continue

27 Mar 2012

Hurdles in widespread enterprise video adoption

Enterprise video is fast becoming mainstream with use cases as widely ranging as new hire on-boarding to video SEO.Budgets are going up rapidly. And, there are many factors that need to align for this widespread adoption to start delivering the promised benefits. In our experience, factors such as network infrastructure to handle wide spread use, … Continue

27 Mar 2012

Interacting with videos

The Internet has made it easy for anyone to express their thoughts. It started with emails, usenet groups, blogs, and, now, social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. At the same time, how one expresses oneself has also evolved from purely textual messages to simple media (pictures) to more complex multi-media (sound, video, pictures together) … Continue

24 Mar 2012

A face only your mother could love

A face only your mother could love. Remember the first time you heard yourself? The voice mail you had left for a friend who played it back for you? The home video where you were talking loudly in the background? Unbelievable. It wasn’t you! What then of how we look like in a video? Face … Continue

05 Mar 2012

kPoint cloud now leverages corporate directory server based user authentication

The corporate directory server is the centralized controlling entity for all other application servers for user authentication and other user identity management functions. This enables the system administrator to efficiently manage on-boarding and off-boarding of employees from a single place. In a typical setup of an organization: The corporate directory server runs inside the intranet … Continue